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In the air, underground, it's fun, unconventional and surprising. What if wine tourism was still full of surprises? When the wine is discovered through an unusual experience, it combines with unforgettable shared moments. Winalist has prepared a small selection of

Winalist will give you a complete overview of the good reasons to visit the Champagne wine region. Let's start with the most obvious one, the short length of travel. The Champagne area is only 45 minutes away from Paris by

Tasting great wines directly in the vineyards is even better when you don't have to travel far to enjoy such an experience. And when we tell you it's not too far, we mean less than 2 hours from the capital.

Beaujolais, or "bojo" [bɔʒo] for those in the know, is a wine whose name is very famous but whose taste is little-known. Furthermore, the full range of Beaujolais wines has only been apprehended by happy few insiders. Rarely white or

At Winalist we do not like to put labels on things or people, but we think that it'll be very useful for you to know some of these labels to navigate through what wine tourism can offer in our beautiful

We have tested for you a harvest day organized by Champagne J de Telmont!The champagne house opens its doors in Damery, a commune about 6 miles from Epernay in order to take part in a special day: a harvest day!

The French wine tourist pathways are numerous and well-known out of the country. Winalist tells you about main wine routes in France for your next holidays or weekend getaways, to consume without restraint! What is a wine route? In France, the first

Wine tourism in FranceWine tourism isn’t just a passing trend. The vast enthusiasm of wine tourism is evidence of a desire held by people from across the world to discover authentic regions and authentic wine. This phenomenon has grown enormously